Crane Camera CT30EX
  • Crane Camera CT30EX
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HERNIS' well proven Crane TV system meets the requirements of Crane operators worldwide. The Crane TV system is certified to be installed in hazardous areas and is primarily used on offshore cranes, supplied with up to 3 cameras providing clear view of the cargo, the wire drum and pedestal enhancing hoisting operations.
Whereas building structures, objects, distances and light conditions used to represent big challenges for the crane operator, the Crane TV makes even the most challenging tasks feasible. With a crane camera installed to overlook the topside of the load and crane hook assembly, valuable information is relayed to the crane operator via his monitor. Offered a clear view of the load on the monitor the traditional difficulties of manoeuvring the load safely and efficiently have been reduced significantly.
The optional Automatic Object Tracking feature automatically zooms in on the predefined object, tracking the payload during hoisting or lowering, keeping the object a constant size on the screen. This is practical for checking clearances, correct wire spooling etc. The interface unit uses an analogue feedback signal from the wire drum. The HERNIS Crane Camera overlooking the crane hook assembly is suspended from the crane structure via an integrated oil damper. The design keeps the camera in a stable vertical position even when the crane boom is tilted. The oil damper absorbs shocks and vibration protecting the camera and ensuring stable pictures.
Depending on the model, the HERNIS Crane TV system includes either a joystick or a push-button based control. All camera functions such as iris, zoom, focus and camera selections can be operated with the joystick. The joystick can be removed from the control box and installed into other panels if required.
A compact central unit links the system together as well as providing room for the electronics and the power supply for the camera station.
Model CT 10 Ex Basic has one remote controlled camera input with a pushbutton-based operation panel to control zoom, focus and iris. One fixed camera station or Picture in Picture (PIP) functionality is available as option.
Model CT 30 Ex Advanced has two remote controlled camera inputs with a joystick-based operation control. The system offers onscreen menus for easy configuration and adjustment of parameters. Auto Object Tracking and One controllable/fixed camera station or Picture in Picture (PIP) Unit are available as options.
HERNIS products’ long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today’s global awareness.
*24 hour technical support line available for documented systems.

Up to 3 cameras (Ex or weatherproof)
Push-button or joystick control. Camera selection can also be done from an external PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Automatic zoom and object tracking
Oil damper suspension for crane camera
Compact, installation friendly central unit
Thermostatically controlled heater
Picture in picture

Certified to be installed in hazardous areas
Suitable for all crane cabins
Enhancing hoisting operations
Clear top view of load and crane hook assembly
Stable pictures relayed directly to crane operator’s monitor
Automatic zoom and object tracking (optional)
One monitor can show two camera inputs simultaneously (picture in picture)
No condensation and ice building on camera
Easy controls, automatic or manual
Designed and certified for extreme conditions
Reduced environmental foot print
Long design life

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